Book & Plow Farm


Book & Plow Farm is our sixth season of vegetable production; formerly a farm in residence, we are now a department of Amherst College. Our mission is threefold. Engage students in collaborative and productive farm labor. Provide quality produce to the 澳客网彩票 community. Offer people space on campus to connect with food, land, and each other. Our produce is available at Valentine Hall through Dining Services and through a weekly CSA份额 在秋季。


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Book & Plow In the News

Read “Better Know a Farmer,” a news article on how the Book & Plow Farm is becoming an Amherst resource for wellness and teaching on climate change, and view a slideshow of the farm’s work.


书和犁发出有关发生了什么事情在农场,该农场或农场的朋友正在对事件,菜谱,兴趣,冥想,图片物品等要注册更新,每月通讯?点击 这里 我们将您添加到通讯名单。


书和农场犁 workers harvesting in a greenhouse

访问 our 年度回顾2018 page to read about our sixth year of vegetable production at Book & Plow Farm. You can also download a PDF of the review.